The water flows on and on, down from the pipe where…

ok, so we were advised today to not drink tapwater because it had been sitting stagnant all day. Unfortunately the first we all head of this was from emergency recorded phone calls at 5:30am. No news is good news at 5:30am. Though the emergency phone alert system is very nice. During the CMU bomb threat last week they provided regular updates on who was doing what when. Though I was shocked hearing a recorded voice tell me a building less than 100 yards from me was under a bomb threat I ended up being glad to know. My RA assures me CMU has never been this accident/badness prone before. We’re just getting all of our bad luck out of our system so we will have a beautiful and peaceful winter (knocks on wood). They (the school administration) set up porta-johns around campus yesterday in case the water pressure became dire and this morning and all day they were handing out gallons of water. It was a little like being in a very rich very upper class refugee camp. I noticed more and more people holding their water gallons, or savoring their juice drinks during meal times. Perhaps this is all an elaborate (and expensive) was for us all to understand how precious the safeties we assume we have really are. That’s all for now!

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Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
We find rest in those we love, and we provide a resting place in ourselves for those who love us

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