Accolades for StubHub

Recently I purchased tickets for Projekt Revolution through StubHub. They came on top of my search for affordable tickets because they were well-organized online and were truthfully the cheapest tickets I could find (when you’re at Shoreline the view is good from anywhere [esp when ‘anywhere’ gets you out of ear-drum bursting sound]). So I order the tickets about a month in advance and get ready to wait. In that month I must have received 1/2 a dozen brief emails, all of which included my ticket price, my seat placement and the current status of my order.

This is all very comforting, but when it gets to be a week and less before the concert I need the tickets in hand to feel secure. I receive an email telling me the distributor has not sent out the tickets yet and they will arrive the Thursday before the concert (which is on a Sunday). I get home from work Thursday:

No Tickets.

Now, I am feeling generous and refusing to freak out until they don’t arrive Friday. I mean, maybe there was some huge influx of late order HP books and the tickets got shuffled in the mix. Just as I’m starting to worry more (about 11am Friday) I receive a cell phone call. It’s StubHub, with a live human on the phone asking me a little concernedly if I received my tickets. I replied I had not. She said they were making the distributor do some research into where my tickets were, she read my confirmation number to me over the phone and said I would get a call soon. She also gave me a phone number to call if I had any more questions. Throughout the interaction I had the distinct impression that a) they cared about my little two ticket order enough to be calling me up to check in b) they were well organized.

About half an hour later I get a phone call. She is having my tickets overnight fed exed to me and she gives me a tracking number so I can follow them all the way to my front door. She double checked I had all my numbers and reiterated that I should call them if the tickets had not arrived by 11am and they would figure something out.

It was so relieving to be taken care of by customer service–and by a bargain ticket site!

I came away with such a sense of furious organization that I didn’t feel a need to check in on my tickets as they traveled to my front door. And do you know what? They arrived. And the concert was good.

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