Once (a review) Posted on July 30th

I’m watching The Closer and just came back from watching Once at the Aquarius with my dad and brother. It was amazingly cute. There was a richness and depth to the character development which you almost never see in commercial theaters–though since Once will soon be showing in such theaters that is a little-bit wrong. The passion the main character showed was frightening at times. I must admit that watching the main characters walking through the Irish projects at midnight, into dark allies and around group housing gave me a sense of foreboding which was completely inappropriate to the actual plot of the movie. Every time the main female character walked down a dirty, deserted ally in nothing but humours cow-slippers and blue and black plaid pjs I found myself dreading when I knew she would be attacked or harassed. In some ways this relatively content free–or at least heavy content free–movie had a personal lesson for me. Spending so very much time surrounded by clean, affluent, mostly white and English speaking people has subconsciously biased me against rundown, poor, public-housing at night. And this is not right. Practicality is one thing, internal bias is another. Maybe it’s my youth or youthful heart but I sort of like being challenged, having my racial and economic assumptions forced in front of my face. It interesting.

We bought the very last CD at the Aquarius and I’ll probably post a review of the actual music in Once once I’ve listened to it in full. Have a fantastic night!

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