Civic Influence Workshop !

Make it easy to stay in regular contact with your representatives by downloading their contact information. The downloads below have the details for all of our Bay Area representatives, so feel free to delete those who don’t represent your district. You will have 2 US Senators, 1 House member, 1 Governor, 1 assembly member, and 1 state Senator. You can find the contact information for your County Supervisor, City Council members, and School Board members on their respective websites.

iPhone users download the contact file here.

Android users download the contact file here.

All others–download the .csv file here and upload it into your contact keeper of choice.

If you run into an issue, below is a step-by-step explanation.

Step 0/5  (You got here with a QR code)

Step 1/5  (Click on the download link)

Step 2/5  (The file is hosted on my Google Drive)

Step 3/5  (Download the file — .vcf is the iPhone contact type)

Step 4/5  (Click Open in Contacts)

Step 5/5  (Save the 23 contacts to your phone)

You will only need to call 5 of them, but maybe keep the others for your friends in other districts. If you need to find all of them at once, they’re all pre-tagged with “My elected representatives” so search for that.

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