My Life Story in 5 Haiku

I was using padmapper to find an apartment to live in in DC while I rode Amtrak to Boston and back and found a posting which asked for me my “LIFE STORY.” So I responded with my normal questions and my life story in Haiku form:

Californian by
Birth and by temperament I
Don’t like weather.

I work in DuPont
Using the power of the
Internet for good.

I’m a feminist
Who speaks Arabic and shoots
Rifles with my friends.

I keep to myself,
But sometimes cook chili and
Gossip with housemates.

I’m traveling now
But will be free tomorrow
If you’d like to chat.

I think that covers everything.

Inspirational Quote:

“An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit.”–Pliny the Younger, Letters

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