I have a summer gig! (Intern at Harvard Law School)

Today I accepted an offer to intern for a professor working on a wide range of Internet governance and technology-and-society issues. I’ll be focusing on a educational technology project and helping out with other projects as they come along. It will let me dig deeply into my intellectual property nerdiness and my civil liberties nerdiness, all while exploring Boston. And because .gifs are more expressive than exclamation points:

My internal reaction to getting the offer.
My external reaction to getting the offer.
How I spent the day after getting the offer.

I am so psyched and honored by this gig–when I have more details to post, I will.

Inspirational Quote:

“So there’s one set of countries, anchored by Iran, Cuba and China, that would like to see some process by which governments of the world have a much larger hand in controlling the shape of the internet.”–Jonathan Zittrain quote

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