The Middle-Aged Russian Man I Met Through Craigslist

When Matt and I moved into our new home, we had the fun of opening all of the Pittsburgh-bound wedding presents. 30 boxes later, our small home was mostly cardboard. With a new and slightly confusing recycling schedule, we needed a different solution.

In came Craigslist. I posted an ad in the Free section, and had half-a-dozen responses in 12 hours. After a young couple reserved the boxes then didn’t show up, we connected with a middle-aged Russian man. We had our closet-space back in 10 minutes of light lifting and chatting.

More than reminding me of the positive ways Craigslist helps people, it made me think about optimal recycling. Recycling most of the time to me is throwing things away in a differently colored bin. I have no choice whether my old homeworks become boxes or building blocks. Digitally-enabled socializing gave me that choice, this time.

Inspirational Quote:

“Your religion is what you do when the sermon is over.”–H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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