The 15 Tartans

Carnegie Mellon has 13 campuses around the world. I’ve been to two of them. The Fifth Year Scholars this year are making a project out of crafting a display of current photos of our 15 homes. Below are some videos of the campuses:

PS: Starting, as all good things do, in Silicon Valley, CMU’s campuses are:

  1. Silicon Valley
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Monterrey, Mexico
  4. Pittsburgh
  5. Washington DC
  6. New York
  7. Portugal
  8. Frankfurt, Germany
  9. Bologna, Italy
  10. Athens, Greece
  11. Ankara, Turkey
  12. Doha, Qatar
  13. Chennai, India
  14. Singapore
  15. Daejeon, South Korea
  16. Kobe, Japan
  17. Osaka, Japan
  18. Adelaide, Australia
I’m collecting photos of the other campuses, so if you happen to have any good ones, ping me please!

Inspirational Quote:

“On rare occasions, some few institutions of higher education in the US have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully and deeply, through their core activities of education and research, to pressing global tensions, and global human priorities, in ways that only they might. As it pertains to Carnegie Mellon’s international engagements, there are two areas that stand out in this regard for the 21st Century: the relationship between the West and the Arab/Islamic world, and the imperative of the development of Africa, particularly sub‐Saharan Africa. There are surely many deep challenges facing our planet over the next hundred years—energy/environment and climate, the threat of nuclear war and of terrorism, the potential of lethal pandemics, and the stubbornness of deep poverty and lack of economic development. In dealing with these issues successfully there are few powder keg domains as important or as vexing as the relationship of the West with the Arab/Islamic world, or the development of the “lost continent” of one billion Africans. Were the university able to have meaningful impacts in these areas we would be contributing to humanity in ways that transcend even our outstanding normal missions and ambitions.”–Mark Kamlet, Provost, Carnegie Mellon University

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