TSA Touching Crosses The Line: Update

Thanks to all of the supportive comments and tweets, I changed my mind and submitted complaints about my experience to the following places:

And my three Congresswomen: Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Barbara Boxer, and Representative Anna Eschoo. TSA let me know I get to wait 10 days to hear from them.

On a funnier note, it seems like Dave Barry went through something similar. His is the first account of TSA’s stroke-down search that’s made me laugh. As usual, Bruce Schneier has an incredibly rich round-up of the coverage of last November’s Backscatter Backlash. Finally, for those who don’t follow the TSA’s evolving sense of decency, here is a nice infographic:

TSA Gone Wild
Via: Criminal Justice Degree

Inspirational Quote:

“It is no accident that women have been complaining about being pulled out of line because of their big breasts, having their bodies commented on by TSA officials, and getting inappropriate touching when selected for pat-downs for years now, but just this week it went viral.  It is no accident that transgender people have been violated by searches for years, but just this week it went viral.  It is no accident that CAIR identified Islamic head scarves (hijab) as an automatic trigger for extra screenings inJanuary, but just this week it went viral.  What was different?

Suddenly an able-bodied cis-gendered white man is the one who was complaining.”–S Addison, writing for the California chapter of the National Organization for Women.


  1. Although I can’t physically help you, you have my full support. I truly hope that you are successful in your suits. Best of luck to you.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. In general I think silence =! consent, but in this case I agree: silence = consent.

  3. Great that you filed these complaints. But why not the most important one? Contact the police and report a sexual molestation. You were molested, no different than the bus scenario you compared it to. The only difference here is that your molester was wearing a uniform that enabled their abuse.

    Having these thugs arrested, tried, and jailed for their crimes is the only thing that is going to stop it.

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