Symbiosis of Geekiness and Social Justice

Going Back to CaliforniaI’m having a blast working with HollaBack to combat street harassment. I run the Twitter list which keeps track of every Twitter account in the HollaBack family, and I recently made an RSS bundle for all of the HollaBack blogs. Here’s the blog post where my bundle went public. I’ve written about street harassment before, but nothing makes the case for why it must end than half an hour spent reading the submissions from hundreds of women and GLBT folk around the world, talking about how harassment can cripple a life, and how holla-ing back can feel like freedom.

Check out the blogs in the bundle. Read a few posts.

PS: Not sure what street harassment is? Here’s a video:

Inspirational Quote:

“I like to think of landscape not as a fixed placed but as a path that is unwinding before my eyes, under my feet.”–Gretel Ehrlich, “Landscape,” introduction to Legacy of Light (1987)

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