Human Trafficking Awareness Day (and, I’m back!)

extend peace with many open handsAfter finishing my Humanity in Action application last night, I am ready to start blogging again. My need for quiet time is over–now I can get back to talking to my favorite people.

One of the questions I had to answer for the Humanity in Action application was what national, international, and moral issue is most important to me.

I said women’s empowerment, and told stories about teaching a self-defense class in Qatar and work I did for the Polaris Project. I also tied it into my new work with HollaBack. Because showing is better than telling, especially when I only have 500 words to do it in.

I did not talk about my commitment to copyright reform, privacy, or my intensive geekiness. I know all of these things go together. If I wasn’t a copyright geek, how could I have written a series on human trafficking and musical theater for Polaris and been sure it was fair use? If I didn’t think deeply about privacy online, how could I be helping draft a privacy policy for a non-profit of my acquaintance?

And if I wasn’t a stupendous geek, would my self-reward for finishing the application have been to start watching Battlestar Galactica last night? (Ouran Host Club was my motivation while I was writing the application).

I’m generally happy with my internal environment, no matter how difficult it is to explain to organizations of which I desperately want to be a part. I guess I’ll just have to keep stretching.

Inspirational Quote:

“Human trafficking is a growing reality in the United States and the Senate’s action is an important step in fighting it. This new law not only strengthens the current trafficking law, it also grants additional funds to help prosecute sex trafficking offenders and offers protection to victims of this heinous crime.”–Janice Crouse

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