An Urge to Learn Scandinavian History

BoxerOn the journey up to the Dickens Fair this year, a friend told me about this comic, Scandinavia and the World. It personifies Scandinavian countries, then depicts their relationships as relationships as relationships between people. Much ho-yay. Also, I find myself digging around in the weeds of internal Scandinavian history and politics to keep up. Another friend pointed me to this comic, which may portray Nazis as bisounen. *shudder*

Inspirational Quote:

“And yes, that is Iceland parachuting in Mount Doom. He just can’t stay away from volcanoes.”–Scandinavia and the World, Popping the Question

PS: why the picture? My friend is talking about unprettiness being in the eye of the male beholder, and I wanted to promote some strong, female prettiness.

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