Snoop Dogg Should Stay Away from Bon Temps

Not only is Snoop Dogg offensive because of his attachment to the “pimp” moniker, but his song “Oh Sookie” is the worst cross-over, fanvid I have ever seen. I wouldn’t watch the video below if I were you.

I hope HBO was going for humor value, because I think any demographic ploy just backfired. But Twitter disagrees. I think that was a gross end to a nice episode.

This is my last post of the night. With a penalty of 3 posts for every day I miss, inclusive of the day I am posting, that is 9 today. Now, to sleep.

Inspirational Quote:

“If there is one door in the castle you have been told not to go through, you must. Otherwise you’ll just be arranging furniture in rooms you’ve already been in.”–Anne Lamott

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