Goodbye to Starry Skies, Snow and Silly Cheese-Based Foods

I was going to post about the instructive differences I have seen in myself and the people around me over Spring Break, comparing Williamsburg, VA and Doha. But over the course of the week, I realized that I can no more encapsulate the people and culture of Williamsburg than I can the people of Doha.

I will simply say goodbye to starry skies, snow and silly cheese-based food, particularly mac’n’cheese from a box. Starry skies because there is so much light pollution in Doha that, like the lion in Madagascar, I see a star–but maybe it’s a helicopter.

Goodbye to snow is obvious, but why am I saying farewell to cheesy foods? Not to be stereotypically American, but sometimes there is something truly comforting in terrible, greasy, cheesy food. This week I’ve enjoyed grilled-cheese sandwiches, mac’n’cheese, and scrambled-eggs-and-sausage-and-cheese. I’ve also walked an average of several miles a day in under 40 (F) weather, so I figured I’ve earned my calories.

So, goodbye America for now. I will miss you.

Inspirational Quote:

“Travelling is the ruin of all happiness! There’s no looking at a building here after seeing Italy.”–Fanny Burney

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