Cleaning and Nuns!

Today was mostly cleaning. I helped a roommate rehab a lovely arts and crafts table into a sideboard for our dining room, threw away or moved a lot of the random appliances which had accumulated around the house, got my laundry done and baked some peanut-nut butter cookies. I started the morning with opera rehearsal (I’m in the opera!). We’re doing “Dialogues of the Carmelites”, another nun opera (I was in Suor Angelica by Puccini 2 summers ago). Here is the incredible finale of “Dialogues”:

Inspirational Quote:

“By classifying the show as “art” (Zacharek) and Whedon as the persecuted artist, these writers and viewers create an “us” that is opposed to the bourgeois consumer, the slack-jawed TV viewer who just wants what she wants and who can’t understand that her desires or political leanings are getting in the way of great art. ” Judith L. Tabron


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