Back from DC (and, 3 Arabic greetings I learned this week)

I just got back from DC, and boy was I surprised: my Amtrak train (the Capital Limited) was absolutely on-time both coming and going. It was delightful. Here is what I am taking this semester:

  • Historical Evidence and Interpretation
  • 20th Century United States History
  • Global Justice
  • Eurhythmics I
  • Basic Solfege I
  • Basic Harmony I
  • Voice Minor Studio
  • Arabic I
  • Repertory Chorus

I was treading water, but got all of my work for Monday done before I left Saturday. Next week I hope to be swimming more than treading (and absolutely avoid drowning). I make a commitment today to get something up here every day for the next week. Here are three Arabic greetings I learned this week:

  1. Mar Haba (informal hello)
  2. Sabah al-Kheir / Sabah al-Noor (formal hello, call and response)
  3. Salam Alaikum / Wa-Alaikum Salam-ah (formal, religious hello, call and response)

Oddly enough, the “Wa” and “ah” for the response are only found in Modern Standard Arabic, ie, academically taught Arabic. When students at CMU-Q taught me hellos, they said it was:

  1. Salam Alaikum / Alaikum Salam

Hoping to learn more of these cool factoids this week! Now, sleep.

Inspirational Quote:

Robert Byrne – “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

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