A Primer on Internet Warfare Using SEO

Search Engine Optimization is fun: it is a chance to try and think like my audience. I mostly use my SEO powers for good, funneling people to content I think is topical or helping friends control their online presences, but sometimes I use my skills to take-out destructive people. If not a black-hat passtime, it is a little red-hat.

This low-level internet war-fare what what my the previous post was designed for. See, I was chatting with my boss, and it turns out my wonderful organization got hit with a lot of calls and emails recently from people who had been invited to a conference in Washington DC (where we are based) by an organization with a name much like ours, the “World Human Right Organization.” My organization is already doing all of the right official things to deal with this, but I decided to do a little unofficial internet warfare (which was not suggested by my organization).

Following my basic rules for an SEO post:

  1. Write clearly
  2. Use the words people will type into a search engine to find your content
  3. Title clearly

I wrote up a little post. Of course there are rules for having an SEO website–create a clear structure, use tagging and categories, link to other people, and most importantly, post regularly for an extended period of time–but since I do many of those things* all the time, I did not worry about them last night.

Though I have only gotten 37 hits since I posted it, my little missive is already the top hit on Google for “World Human Right Organization” and the second hit for “World Human Right Organization conference washington dc”. I think that’s pretty good for under a day and a half of existence.

I think that is because I followed the most important rule of SEO: say something specific.

I hope those spam-baiters ping their site to death, but in the meantime, my organization won’t be confused with a bunch of scammers.

*I hate how tags look on this template.

Inspirational Quote:

Alfred Hitchcock – “Television has brought back murder into the home – where it belongs.”

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