Thank Yous

  • Renee: we could not have done this trip without you, and it rocked. Thank you!
  • Darbi: having you to check impressions with helped me to form my thoughts so much. And the Pashmina shop rocked! Thank you.
  • Rachelle: having someone who had so recently been in our shoes show us the ropes was invaluable. Thank you.
  • Dave: touring us around, smoothing out kerfluffles, opening doors we didn’t even know existed, I can’t summarize. Thank you.
  • Suleh: The camera was awesome. Check out of my flickr site–I sprung for pro just so I could show them off.
  • Abdula: you made our group feel welcome in a world away from home. Thank you.
  • Naif: I love that picture of you. It was great fun playing cards and talking about what I had observed. Thank you.
  • AZ: Halla! I bought a Karak set just because you got me hooked on the stuff. Thank you.
  • Said: You were a great host, I can’t explain how much it meant to be included seemingly-effortlessly. Thank you.
  • Nofe: You have defined Islamic feminism for me. I can’t wait to talk about it with you again. Thank you.
  • Maha: Thank you so much for hosting us in your home. I have been getting compliments on the henna all weekend. I learn so much by just sitting and talking. Thank you.
  • Sara: You did such a great job adapting when you were teaching, going with the flow. Thank you for the words of Arabic I just posted–I look forward to receiving the notes!Everyone at CMU (Q) took such great care of us, and made us feel so at home. Thank you.

    If there was anyone I left out, it is not from lack of appreciation, but lack of sleep. I apologize


  • Lauren: finds economic perspectives, firm convictions, ready with a laugh. Thank you.
  • Aliesha: a reporter’s eye for fissures in arguments, with a pleasantness that makes comparing notes easy. Thank you.
  • Sarah: ability to observe from both the inside and outside of groups, quick with a funny comments. Thank you.
  • Jessica: semi-translator, watching people react to you speaking Arabic was great fun. Thank you.
  • Caroline: no longer a Freshman, always a full member of the group. Signifigant poise under pressure. Thank you.
  • Patrick: helped bridge the Prof-Student gap, saw new oppuntuniries, unique way of looking at problems. Thank you.
  • Mel: politic and observant, friends with everyone, learning to open doors which none of us saw. Thank you.
  • Josh: camera advice, goofy-injuries, great pictures. Thank you.
  • Jennifer: amazing roomate, put up with me blogging until early in the morning. Thank you.

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Find yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is behind you.  Now tell me about hundreds of things.  ~Saki

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