Doha is Safe (and Why)

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When people tells me an area is safe, I take their opinion into consideration. However 90% of my impression of where is safe is formed by my personal experience and feelings when I am there. Therefore it is without disrespect meant that I say I did not believe our guides when they told us Doha was safe.

I now know myself that much of Doha is safe. My biggest logical reason for this is that I now know Doha has a strong policy of deporting non-Qataris who steal after they have served their prison terms. It is so difficult to get to Qatar to work, most there would not jeopardize their permits. Also, non-Qataris who do not have jobs may not stay in Qatar. I am not saying that poverty is the only reason to steal, but I do believe need is a motivator, and in Qatar those with that need are exported.

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