10 Things I Learned in Qatar

  1. Arabic is spoken all over the gulf, but not so much in Pakistan. There are lots of dialects and accents
  2. Women were granted the right to a veil by the prophet Muhammad
  3. Kiram, a Qatari board-game similar to pool or air-hockey played on a wooden board with powder on it. You flick wooden circles into pockets (or, in my case, attempt to flick them).
  4. Joker, a card-game like bridge with only 8s and above. The minimum bid is 5, the joker is the super-trump but cannot be played at the beginning of a round or in the last round.
  5. Qatari men like playing rough machine sports
  6. Even when wearing navy full-length pants and a black formal-coat, a white person still draws stares in the inner-Souqs
  7. AST (Arab Standard Time) is chill
  8. There is a car-culture in Doha that ranks with that of Detroit in the 1950s
  9. Doha is growing at a break-neck speed
  10. Doha has many similarities with San Francisco and the Bay Area–in terms of mixed cultures, race relations, and bleeding-edge growth

Most importantly: CMU students are CMU students everywhere.

Inspirational Quotes:

There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, Letters and Social Aims

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