Lost Aria Found

This is a beautiful aria I finally looked up on YouTube. I say finally because I first heard it in Flower Flour, my family’s neighborhood bakery (in Willow Glen, CA). The last weekend I was in San Jose I heard them playing this aria in the back-room of the shop. I asked them what it was and they kindly look it up, because they rock. Flower Flour is one of the most skillfully innovative non-technical businesses I have encountered. It is the partnership between a husband and wife, one of whom creates beautiful flower arrangements and the other delicious baked goods the name makes sense now, doesn’t it?).

Anyway, back to the aria. What I love about this video, is how innovative it is. Most classical music videos are staid, conservative or over-sentimental. I love the edgy approach to what could just be another sappy aria. It’s a fascinating approach–especially when viewed against the boring Renee Fleming videos.

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