How to make a website (Part 6 of 3)

These are the questions I always ask either myself or the person for whom I am creating a website. Depending on your answers to these questions you may need to learn HTML (no problem), learn something harder (Ruby on Rails or PHP), or set up a free WordPress account like I do because it fits my needs well.

What will be the focus of the web page? Is it a business website? Is it is place to publish papers? Is it is place to tell family stories?

How often would you like to update it? A blog is updated daily while most small business websites and school websites are updated monthly or even yearly.

Who do you want to find it? Will its URL be on your business cards? A family interest homepage complete with family stories? A blog for people who are interested in listening to what you have to say?

Of course, cost and time should also be considered. Also technical interest and prowess. If you don’t feel comfortable being your own webmonarch (or if you have no idea what this is) perhaps you should ask a teen in your community for help *or post a comment here, as I am always interested in finding out how people use the interweb.

The basic rule is, know what you want to make public and who you want to see if. Assume every job interviewer will Google your name and make sure any content you put your name to is the best you can make it. And when making it, as in all writing, always know your audience.

Inspirational Quote:

Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry. -Mark Twain


  1. Note: I allow all comments that aren’t immediately drunk, but I would wonder about someone who has to advertise their skillz on a random family blog…..caveat emptor and I negatively endorse this add.

  2. It’s also good to know what kind of image (or your target audience) you’re trying to portray. A website for a band or photographer should have eye catching items, like flash sites. However a corporation should try to stray from that and stick to marketing their services/products and provide rich content. IMO

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  3. See previous note on the silliness of advertising services on a family blog–don’t you people have Google Ads?

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