Transfering a jBPM process project

I wrote this last summer and thought it might be helpful to someone:

A guide to transferring jBPM process projects between systems

This guide was written by a user taking process definitions created in Eclipse Europa (3.3) on OSX running jbpm plugin 3.2.1 to a machine running windows with Eclipse 3.2 and jbpm plugin 3.2.1.

This guide assumes you have a project which functions in it’s original environment.

Here’s the quick click path: in Project Explorer rt click (control click) project name -> export -> General->file system -> you favorite file folder. Zip/create archive of folder. Transfer (email, memory stick, Skype, whatever) to other computer. Create a new process project in your new Eclipse’s Project Explorer. Rt click (control click) on either jpdl folder or processes folder (depending on version of jBPM)-> Import -> from File System -> choose From Directory your favorite file folder. Voila!

View your project in the Project Explorer. Control Click (Right Click) on the project folder (the folder which you named when you first created the process project). Up comes your normal menu of options. Choose Export.

In the export window choose you “export destination” as “file system”. Then save whichever projects you want to a file folder.

Then control (rt) click on the folder, where ever it was just saved. On OSX, choose the option “Create an Archive of “Whatever your folder is named”. On a PC with Winzip select option “Add to Zip file”. Now you should have a zipped folder.

Using email, a memory stick or any other means send this still zipped folder to where you want it to go. If you emailed it, now you’ll need to download it. If you put it on a memory stick, you’ll need to download it. You’ll need to extract the files from within the zip (on a windows system) or just doubleclick on the zip (on a OSX). Once it’s got there, go to the system where it is and open up Eclipse.

Create a process project to house your old process project (rt/control click-> New ->Other->jBPM->Process Project-“Whatever you want to name it”). Now in the processes/jPDL folder (depending on your version) rt/control click and select Import. Inside of General select “File System” and browse to find where you put your unzipped file folder is located. Select that File Folder and Select Finish.

You have now successfully transferred your process project from one system to another! Congrats!

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