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Hey all,

You might have noticed that when I have something important to say it takes me a while to say it. I delayed writing about MAGIC (More Active Girls In Computing) and am still working on my post on Web Accessibility for people with disabilities. And I haven’t even written much about Madrigal choir. However of the many things I want to write about, here is one I will:

Last week, hanging out with my friends was one of my nicest weeks for a while. This is not a criticism of CMU–there’s no way a college I have been at for 3 months and friends I have known that long could compare to friends I’ve known since Kindergarten and Preschool. They’re just different. There was a simplicity of interaction between all of us and we didn’t need to say all of the silly filler talk which makes interaction with new friends workable. I found myself comparing it to the way Ruby on Rails marketed itself. With the UNS, %80 of the work was done and we were left to deal with situation specific issues. By the way, UNS stands for the United Non-Stereotypic Society, which is a group of friends from Middle, Elementary and in some cases, Preschool who still hang out during breaks and keep track of each other across continents and grades.

That’s mostly what I had to say. Please see Eric’s blog for a really nice blow by blow of the week. Yay!

Inspirational Quote:

“No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the love of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.” Robert Southey

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