50th post on Feeling Elephants (a non-retrospective)!

Horray! 50 posts! I’ve decided that’s really not enough to do a retrospective, so I won’t. I would like to say a few things that I’ve gained from blogging here.

1) A way to communicate with loved ones. I originally thought of this blog as a way to update the people in my life on how I was doing at college without spending 3 hours on the phone a day (esp since I pay for my own phone bill now :-D)

2) A place to solidify my views. Thinking about how I would express my outrages and interests has been a maturing experience for me as a non-fiction writer.

3) Somewhere to send people I meet. I have put links to this on my Facebook, on my Resume and in countless apology emails. Before this blog I had purposefully maintained a limited profile online. This blog has shown me that it is possible to be safe and still interact meaningfully with the wired world.

4) How to make hyperlinks!

5) Most importantly, it has given me the right (in my own mind) to pry. Whether asking about CMU’s bomb threats, or posting my exploits with the TSA, knowing I can distribute information I want for myself has been, to use an overused word, empowering.

Whether you are a family member who checks this everyday or you accidentally found this because I used the phrase “How to make hyperlinks”, thank you for reading and I will be posting more on Monday!

<h4>Inspirational quote:</h4>

“The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret” ~ Terry Pratchett, The Truth

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