Amtrak was wonderful, an hour earlier this time getting out of Pittsburgh (yay!). I utilized the 4 meal blocks on my schedule to get myself a lunch (I used a dinner block to stock up for the next day and a late night block to actually eat dinner–apparently 9pm is late at night). The countryside was serene and gorgeous. It is amazing how much a difference the side of a train car makes. I sat on the left on this trip and saw waterfalls, huge stagnant puddles and rising formations of rock with stripes coming out of the ground at such an angle to thoroughly convince me of tectonic activity in the Eastern seaboard at some point. Simply lovely.

Visited the zoo again, saw Golden Lion Tamarin which were everywhere in the small mammals area (3 or 4 separate unlinked exhibits). My theory is that they got a special deal on them, or they bred like mad once they got to the National Zoo.

The trip back they assigned me a seat (:b). I asked a passing conductor and he said it was some new crew members who weren’t used to the way Amtrak works. It’s a little odd to be voting for inefficiency, but since I grabbed a seat after the first 4 hours (mostly so both me and my former seat mate could nap in peace) I guess it was not too much of a hardship *tear*. But Amtrak was still a lot of fun. I got my Establishment Cases all read (I love the Supremes, but their a little dramatic about each other’s opinions).

It was a ton of fun (as always) and now….

Inspirational QuoteCensorship, like charity, should begin at home; but, unlike charity, it should end there.
Clare Booth Luce

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