My name is Jessica Dickinson Goodman and my ethnicity is geek. You can find me most days here, here, or here, or on Caltrain between San José and San Francisco.

This year I’m using my weekends to visit all 58 California counties, from Mt Lassen (which is in Shasta County), to Mt Shasta (which is in Siskiyou County) to Mission San Francisco Solano (which is neither in San Francisco nor Solano, but Sonoma County); really, anywhere between Mexico and Oregon, the Nevada desert and the Pacific Ocean, all in the great state of California.

Here to download slides?
You can find them as PowerPoints 5.8 MB with gifs and 1.9 MB with no gifs and as a pdf at 5.9 MB. I hope you enjoy our panel, Doing Good with Data: Human-Centered Data Science For Social Good at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. The #tag for the panel is #civicdata.