Here's the story behind my blog's title.

I use the power of the internet to take human trafficking offline for my day job, but what I say here is mine, all mine.

“I felt the relief of being known”

I’ve been reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore for a work book club. It’s the first novel I’ve read in a while that showed people like me. It’s based at a bookstore in San Francisco and involves programmers, VCs, graphic designers, website managers, and the future of human immortality.

A few weeks before starting Mr. Penumbra’s [...]

I fly better when I’m scared

I went to my 5th trapeze class tonight:

I’ve had good, productive classes and less productive classes. I’ve learned some tricks fast, and others are coming slower. Like anytime I’m learning a new skill, I have to find the right emotional mix to do my best work.

I thought it would be faking confidence, the [...]

The deeply peculiar business of choosing someone’s pseudonym

I write a lot for work. Pretty much everything on this page since August 2012, I wrote. What I didn’t write, I edited or found content for or helped reformat. My name is on 2 pieces of writing my organization has sent out–an invitation to a basketball game and an invitation to Facebook for people [...]