Here's the story behind my blog's title.

I use the power of the internet to take human trafficking offline for my day job, but what I say here is mine, all mine.

Inauguration 2013

One of my favorite things about Inauguration Day is the crowd. Ladies in ankle-length fur coats, hipsters in hip-huggers, gentlemen in ankle-length fur coats, kids in find-me-in-a-crowd-colored coats, couples, bottle-blond women, natural-haired women, men in fishing caps and men in campaign caps. It almost feels like an accurate demographic sampling of America.

Here’s the [...]

My Photos are Famous!

Ok, I was Googling myself, I admit it. Sometimes I find nice things! A photo I took at my inauguration conference was noticed by the Special Libraries Association a few months ago and they requested to use it on their magazine cover because Mr Powell is speaking at their conference. Hooray! I love it when [...]

PunditKitchen As New Media

When I was at the UPIC (University Presidential Inauguration Conference) I attended their panel on the media. There were a number of prominent (and not so prominent) journalists on that panel. Other than that they all believed that blogging is not journalism, it is just re-fried print-news, I did not get much out of that [...]