Here's the story behind my blog's title.

I use the power of the internet to take human trafficking offline for my day job, but what I say here is mine, all mine.

In defense of the women’s amendment

The following started life as a 250 word essay for a graduate school application, but I wanted to share it here as well. It’s been lightly edited to suit this new context. TW for mentions of human trafficking and sexual assault, within a legal context.

The Third Amendment is the women’s amendment. In the Bill [...]

When we’re half, we’re “all”

I’m not posting much until December 7th because there’s this intense standardized test I’m studying for, but I also have a commitment to writing 300 words a night, so this post is going to be it. Today in the prep class for said standardized test I got to engage in a bit of everyday feminism.


Fiction, Freedom and Fandom

If you haven’t listened to oral arguments in the Prop 8 or DOMA Supreme Court cases, you must. The issue of standing is important, particularly to Californians but to anyone from any state which doesn’t enforce all of its laws. They are also wonderfully funny in places. They are also profoundly clear sighted:

It’s worth [...]