Here's the story behind my blog's title.

I use the power of the internet to take human trafficking offline for my day job, but what I say here is mine, all mine.

In search of an Iftar

Last night I wanted to celebrate Iftar. It was the first night of Ramadan in Washington, D.C. (though the second in Virginia, where I sleep), and I’d never had the privilege of being in a Muslim-majority nation during that holy month of food and family, daytime fasting and nighttime feasting.

With a number of Muslim [...]

Sadness for a heaven-bound cat and a recipe for feeling better

A certain cat of my long and loving acquaintance passed away today.

Photo: John Plocher

He was named Rudolph Valentino after the great black-and-white movie star because he was:

Grey with black eyelids, A very pretty fellow, Quite stupid.

He was also known as Tino to family, “the pretty one” to artistic [...]

An open hand to hold God in.

On my trip to Lebanon I was privileged to hear the Ambassador from the Vatican–who my excellent book on the American Foreign Service calls the “nuncio of the Holy See”–speak to a group of high school students from schools run by the Al-Mukasad foundation.

The Pope was encouraging people to live in peace; nowhere [...]